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Born and working in Paris, Aliénor Vallet was trained on photography and video in parallel to studies in human and social sciences and in communication. She directed documentaries for RegarDcultures. She is the artistic director of ARTVIDEO LAB where she develops video works between experimental film, video dance, video art, essay, documentary and video installations, grouped into collections: UTOPIA, Voix de l’errance, Traces du tangible and films about theatre and dance. She is the curator of the Les irrécupérables (International moving image festival) and the multidisciplinary event La Semaine Floue at Génie de la Bastille Gallery. Also video artist for theatre and dance, she collaborated with the theatre director Dieudonné Niangouna and the choreographer Boris G. Bouetoumoussa and she has lately worked as video engineer for theatre directors Jacques Osinski and Sanja Mitrovic.


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At the intersection of my studies in human sciences and collaborations with contemporary artists, my artistic work consists of films, video installations, and live video on stage. I question identity and movement – of bodies, of images – and explore the theme of metamorphosis and double. Playing on the ambiguity between real and fiction or experimenting with strange weavings of images and meaning, my work testifies to the individual’s harsh confrontation with his environment, dreams and doubts.






artist statement



My artistic work never ceases to question this impalpable, fugitive, elusive thing called «the real». But being a witness of the real is not enough for me. Through a real given for THE reality, my gaze perceives a multitude of possibilities. And behind the «images of the real», I feel that an infinity of invisible realities coexist. For me, to explore images of the real is to reveal their potentiality, to bring out let this multiplicity, to make these realities exist beyond the real, beyond the consensual. Artistically, I consider myself a «hacker of the real». My project: to unmask the invisible.


creative process


As a video artist, I devote myself to the video technology which I approach its linear (filmic), spatial (installed) and dramaturgical (scenic) possibilities and my video works consist of films (video art, experimental, essay, fiction, video dance), video installations and video creations on stage.

My artist statement is an extension of my humanities and social sciences and communication sciences studies with the choice to work on processes at work in social interactions. My favourite themes are the violence that I explore in all its dimensions (physical, symbolic, social, urban) and the identity, this subjective multifaceted mosaic ceaselessly recomposed through the experienced and the contact with others and the environment.


In my creative work, I proceed a large conceptual and formal (de)coding of this issues of violence and identity especially through the prism of the metamorphosis and the double (and the multiple).

The materials I use are the body that I stage in a performative set and the space whether material like the architecture and the landscape or immaterial like the virtual and the language.

In order to question violence and identity in relation to body and space, I am interested in their ambivalences: their blurred borders, their confused movements… and to what crosses and transforms them: their projections, doubts, dreams, transfigurations…


I can capture images of the real in a intuitive way, driven by an intention which seems to me unconscious or by a feeling, a visual perception. It is then secondly that my thinking (re)organise this collected raw material to allow the work concept to extend. I also can be driven by a will which seems to me so evident that the idea of the work arises ahead. So, images are shoot starting with an established basis with elements (body, space) that I can stage. As well both options can coexist.

When the performative process is the core of a project, I use the filmmaking to keep track of the experience: so it is the witness of a work in progress creative process of “inhabiting” a space whether geographical, virtual or poetic.


In editing I examine what are translation possibilities of this themes of violence and identity revealed by the body involvement in order to be able to draw philosophical, social, political connotation. The video tool then becomes an instrument for a visual, sonic and linguistic experimentation. Therefore my writing method deals more with collage. This writing is elaborated by decontextualization and deconstruction of more or less staged images of real. Images are decomposed to unfold their signifying units and to explore crossings by recombination (images, sounds, texts). From this puzzle are emerging new connections and weavings that make sense and can be rearranged in intertwined strata whether by condensation in the form of layers or by spatialization in the form of diptychs and are recomposed to constitute an original enunciative assemblage.


One of the issues of my artistic work may be the translation, the adaptation : from a piece of literary especially foreign to a video piece but also from a video set becoming part of a scenic set. I seek to track down the hidden images behind the words and to reinterpret them to create autonomous video works. I have therefore directed free adaptations (often using transpositions) of poetic works (Pessoa, Virginia Woolf) and dramatic works (Dieudonné Niangouna).

As well my video creations for dance and theatre participate to the dramaturgic reflection and the scenographic choice of the shows by the conception of sets allowing the simultaneity of temporalities and territorialities in a visual perspective (mental, symbolic, temporal projections, duplications…).






screenings & exhibitions




- Intermediate, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas, USA)

- IVAHM Festival, Museo La Neomudéjar, Madrid (Spain)

- (dé)végétaliser, Chailloux Art Center, Fresnes

- The Hazel Eye Film Festival, Nashville (USA)

- FIVAC (Video Art International Festival), Camagüey, Cuba

- Art and technology, MPAA Brequet, Paris

- MITsp, Sesc Pinheiros and Itaú Cultural, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

- Traverse Vidéo, isdaT School of Fine Arts, Toulouse

- Patio de Salvataje#3, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires (Argentine)


- Festival International du film expérimental d’Istanbul, Beyoglu Yesilcam Cinema, Istanbul (Turkey)

-  Intermediacones Festival, Center for Fine Arts & Egyptian Palace, Medellín (Colombia)

- Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual, Paseo Chapultepec, Guadalajara (Mexico)

- Les Irrécupérables Festival, La Péniche Cinéma, Paris

- Utopies urbaines, MPAA/Breguet, Paris

- FONLAD Festival, Water Museum, Coimbra (Portugal)

- macparis cahier de printemps, Bastille Design Center, Paris

- Festival Oftalmica, Theatre JJ Herrera, Xalapa Mexico)

- El Club de los Miércoles, Cultural Center Zaguan Sur, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

- aCinema, Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee, WI. (USA)

- Artistes Enjardinés, Jardin partagé Truillot, Paris


- macparis cahier d’automne, Bastille Design Center, Paris

- Les Irrécupérables, La Gare Expérimentale, Paris

- Semaine FLOUE, Génie de la Bastille Gallery, Paris

- Open studio of  Ménilmontant/Vents d'anges, Studio of de Polska, Paris

- Le Génie en Liberté, Studio of Polska, Paris

- Festival Images contre nature, Videodrome 2, Marseille

- Ephesus videoart program, Journées de l'Art, Galerie Büyük Efes Sanat, Izmir + International Cukurova Art Days, Galerie d'art Altın Oran, Adana (Turkey)

- eDifferent festival, Woodland pattern Book Center, Milwaukee (Wisconsin-USA)

- web TV visualcontainerTV -HearteartH 2016


- Video Raymi Festival, Casa de la Culture, Cuscu (Peru)

- Espacio Enter, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Canarias (Spain)

- Ephesus videoart program, Pera Museum, Istanbul (Turquey)

- Miami New Media Festival: Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) +Vice City Bean +Miami Theatre Center, (Miami, Florida, USA)

- Ciné Corps 2016, cinema la Clef, Paris

- [.BOX] Videoart Project Space Milano (HearteartH Berlin Milano), Milano (Italia)

- Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Jemincheon Space, Gongju (Korea)

- Festival x 24, x-church, Gainsborough (UK)

- HearteatH, Medienwerkstatt & Group Global 3000, Berlin (Germany)

- Cinédocs, Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature, Porto Novo (Benin)

- Cinema cycle, Cultura Park, Valparaiso (Chile)

- Semaine FLOUE edition 2, Galerie Génie de la Bastille, Paris

- Ephesus Street video art screening, Station Square, Selçuk (Turkey)

- Parachute Light Zero III, Péniche L’improviste, Paris

- Carvaval of e-Creativity, Shillong (India)


- Péril Jeune Festival, Confluence, Paris

- International dance films Festival, Danscentrumjette, Brussels (Belgium)

- Vents d’anges, Atelier du 7, Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers de Ménilmontant, Paris

- Festival Video Arte nodoCCS, Sala Mendoza, Caracas (Venezuala)

- FILE, Art Gallery SESI-SP, São Paulo (Brazil)

- ArtvideoKoeln–audiovisuel experience 01, TENRI Cultural Centre, Köln (Germany)

- Bang Festival, Elizalde House, Barcelona (Spain)

- Carnaval of e-creativity, Shillong (India)

- Semaine FLOUE, Génie de la Bastille Gallery, Paris

- FILMDEO Index art center, Newark (USA)

- FIVAC, Camagüey (Cuba)

- Parachute Light zero II, Les Nautes, Paris


- Les irrécupérables, Au fond du jardin, Paris

- CologneOFFX, Damen und Herren, Dusseldorf (Germany)

- International festival of video dance, UFSCar, São Carlos (Brazil)

- Images contre Nature, Chartreux Theatre , Marseille

- Ciné-Corps, Odyssée cinema, Strasbourg

- KO21 Gallery, Paris


- The night of shorts, CND, Pantin

- international festival of video dance, UFSCar, São Carlos (Brasil)

- The Dreams Fabric FAR2013, Le 6b, Saint-Denis +HQAC, îlot Pasteur, Aubervilliers

- International video dance Festival of Burgundy, Cinema Le Morvan, Le Creusot

- Rencontres Publiques Avignon Festival, Benoit XII Theatre, Avignon


- Experimental and different cinema Festival, Les Voûtes, Paris

- International short-films festival of Lille, L'Hybride & Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille

- Uzeste musical Festival, la Menuiserie, Uzeste

- Court-Bouillon, La Peniche Cinéma, Paris

- Ciné-corps, Odyssée cinema, Strasbourg


- BeninDocs, Ouadada cultural center, Porto Novo (Benin)

- Beach Documentary Festival, Kribi (Cameroun)


- Ciné-Corps « Africas », Odyssée cinema, Strasbourg

- Danse-paysage, le ça, Paris


- Fantasmagories et tensions des corps, le ça, Paris







- MITsp, Sesc Pinheiros, Sao Paulo (Brésil)


- El Club de los Miércoles, Cultural Center Zaguan Sur, Buenos Aires (Argentina)


- Migrant is my name (work in progress), Micadanses, Paris


- Künstlerhaus Mousontourm, Frankfurt (Germany)

- Spielart Festival, Muffathalle, München (Germany)

- Bestioles, Atelier 7 Mont-Louis, Paris

- La Semaine FLOUE, Génie de la Bastille Gallery, Paris


- Dance Africa Dance Biennial, Soweto Theatre, Johannesburg (South Afrika)

- Wiener Festwochen, Schauspielhaus, Vienna (Austria)

- Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Theatre,Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

- Comédie of Reims, L’Atelier, Reims


- Mantsina Festival, IFC, Brazzaville (Congo)

- Amandiers Theatre, Nanterre

- Actoral festival, La Criée, Marseille

- Francophonies Festival, Limoges


- Dance Africa Dance Biennial, Bamako (Mali)

- Laboratory of acousmatic electro poetry, la Société de curiosités, Paris


- Laboratory of acousmatic electro poetry, la Société de curiosités, Paris


- French cultural center, Brazzaville (Congo)

- French cultural center, Libreville (Gabon)


- Mantsina Festival, SLT Circle, Brazzaville (Congo)

- French cultural center, Brazzaville (Congo)



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